• Road Accident Fund suppliers claims;
  • Personal Injury law;
  • High Court Litigation;
  • Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment
  • Medical Malpractice;
  • Commercial Drafting;
  • Matrimonial Mediation.



Langner Attorneys is a dynamic established law firm focused on the best interest of its valued clients.Our aim is to provide a professional and efficient service of the utmost standards.

Having gained high standards of practice experience from prominent law firms within the field of personal injury law, acting on behalf of both the Road Accident Fund and public claimants respectively, we believe that we are your pre-eminent choice of expert attorneys.

Quality of Services

  • We strive to deliver client satisfaction and excellent professional services
  • BEE consulting done in the convenience of your own premises
  • Satisfactory turn around time of finalization of matters
  • Regular correspondence updates



  • Adams & Adams
  • Dyason Inc
  • Unisa
  • E - Tuter
  • External Marker



  • Emer-g-med Pty (Ltd) EMS
  • Trauma Net Pty (Ltd) EMS
  • Med-Life Pty (Ltd) EMS
  • Life Care EMS
  • Life Line EMS

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